Dear Prospective Nevada Trucking Association Member,

Thank you for expressing interest in joining the Nevada Trucking Association, but more importantly thank you for being part of an industry which is the lifeblood of both Nevada's and our nation's economy.

While the motor carrier industry may not be the most powerful industry in Nevada, it is definitely one of the most important. Trucks in Nevada transport almost 92% of the total manufactured tonnage and 80% of communities in the state depend exclusively on trucks to move their freight. And, without a successful motor coach industry, our state's tourism would be severely impacted. Each day and throughout the year, trucks deliver essential goods and services while our motor coach operators transport thousands of people. Nevada needs our industry!

Every time a politician or regulator proposes something which can negatively affect the industry's ability to operate, the NTA provides a united voice to educate these decision makers on the real world impact of their proposals. We need your input!

The NTA is the statewide unifying voice which the motor carrier industry and allied businesses need to continue operating in a safe, compliant, and efficient manner. We need you!


Paul J. Enos

Chief Executive Officer

Nevada Trucking Association

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