About the Nevada Trucking Association

The Nevada Trucking Association is a nonprofit association devoted to promoting the interests of the trucking ans bus industries. The Nevada Trucking Association is a member-driven organization dedicated to representing the trucking industry against costly regulatory intrusions and increasing tax burdens. In 1932 the Nevada Trucking Association was created as the Commercial Motor Operators of Nevada to be a defensive measure as truck ans bus operators in Nevada joined together in the face of threatening and oppressive legislation and regulations.

Jaron Hildebrand
Jaron Hildebrand
Manager of Government Affairs, Nevada Trucking Association
Jaron Hildebrand currently serves as the Director of Government Affairs for the Nevada Trucking Association; since joining the Association in October of 2012 Hildebrand has effectively lobbied in the Nevada Legislative Session passing sound pro-business legislation that promotes the well being of our industry.
Paul J. Enos
Paul J. Enos
CEO, Nevada Trucking Association
Paul J. Enos is the CEO of the Nevada Trucking Association (NTA). The NTA, which was established in 1932, is the preeminent voice for the trucking industry in Nevada. Since assuming this position in 2006, Enos has aggressively advocated for public policies that do not only enhance the trucking industry’s competitiveness and profitability, but also improve Nevada’s general business climate.
Kimberly Yaeger
Kimberly Yaeger
Director of Marketing and Member Relations, Nevada Trucking Association
Kimberly Yaeger serves as the Director of Marketing and Member Relations for the Nevada Trucking Association (NTA). She has been with NTA since October 2010. Prior to that, she held a position in medical practice management in California.

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